Happy Third Anniversary


[Aside] Last year I asked sportsBabel/myself: "What will Year Three hold?"

Wow. A lot.

My move last summer to the urban centre of Toronto obviously had an enormous impact on my thinking and writing, given my new living space of massmarketmasstransitmassmedia as well as the elapsed time required for the ideas seeded during my University of Alberta tenure to have matured.

Voices that emerged over the course of the year:

1. My membership at a commercial health and fitness club, aka Field notes for becoming Fitter Happier.

2. The evolution of my thought on cyborg athletes.

3. The concepts of ludic luddite, I3, chrysalis digitalis, glyph equity and brand transference.

4. Engagements to varying degrees with the work of McLuhan, Foucault, Baudrillard, Haraway, Benjamin, Kroker, and Virilio.

Other favourite posts from the year that was: Metaphor Needs Fleshing; Nervous; White Lines; The Rising NBA Star (Acronymous numerous); Ali, Papa and the Forty Thieves; Notes on the Virtualization of Hockey; Bod Pod; and Priapismic.

I am really trying to get as much of this material into book form as possible, which has been challenging given the rest of what has been going on in life, but this *will* get done. Hopefully I'll have some great news to report next year …