On Premature Subjectivity

Courtesy of Amber Scoon

amber scoon
falling (#1)
fabric, string, rope, rock

"Traces circulate in a transsubjective zone by way of matrixial affects and nonconscious threads that disperse different aspects of virtual and traumatic events between I and non-I. Since I cannot fully handle events that profoundly concern me, they fade-in-transformation while my non-I becomes wit(h)ness to them. It may happen that because of my premature subjectivity or the highly traumatic value of the events, I cannot psychically handle my encounters at all. In the matrixial psychic sphere, my imprints will be transscribed in the other, and to begin with in the m/Other. Thus my others will process traumatic events for me, like my m/Other processed archaic events for my premature and fragile subjectivity. Female bodily specificity is thus the site, physically, imaginatively, and symbolically, where a feminine difference emerges, and through which a 'woman' is interlaced as a figure that is not confined to one-body, but is rather a hybrid 'webbing' of links between several subjectivities, who by virtue of that webbing become partial. Metramorphosis, as a carrier of such originary difference and of its transforming potentiality, induces instances of co-emergence and co-fading as meaning and of transcription as the memory of oblivion. In the matrixial borderspace, a specific aesthetic field with ethical implications comes to light, with metramorphosis as the poietic-artistic process."

– Bracha Ettinger, The Matrixial Borderspace, p.141


memory pruned, tangent by tangent.
hardened skin hardens . . .


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