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"There are no nomadic or sedentary smiths. Smiths are ambulant, itinerant. Particularly important in this respect is the way in which smiths live: their space is neither the striated space of the sedentary nor the smooth space of the nomad" (Deleuze and Guattari, ATP, p.413).

Holey Space (Notebook Study)"Smiths are not nomadic among the nomads and sedentary among the sedentaries, nor half-nomadic among the nomads, half-sedentary among sedentaries. Their relation to others results from their internal itinerancy, from their vague essence, and not the reverse. It is in their specificity, it is by virtue of their inventing a holey space, that they necessarily communicate with the sedentaries and with the nomads (and with others besides, with the transhumant forest dwellers)" (Deleuze and Guattari, ATP, p.414).Holey Space (Notebook Study)"Holey space itself communicates with smooth space and striated space. In effect, the machinic phylum or the metallic line passes through all of the assemblages: nothing is more deterritorialized than matter-movement. But it is not at all in the same way, and the two communications are not symmetrical" (Deleuze and Guattari, ATP, p.415).

three-eighths of an inch

sean smith, 3/8" drill bit, october 2010

3/8" 4'33"
(he thought Cixous might agree)

that is, a displacement of "power" relative to a displacement of "the body"?
(which is not to exclude other potential vectors of displacement)

both are contingencies of the affective cyborg.
(which is not to suggest they simply reproduce Fornssler's MIC and EFC: there are rather elements of both ideal types folded into each contingency)

poke the pen through the hole to see if it actually exists, Doubting Thomas

is it like getting a piercing?

body modification? or "self" mutilation?
i felt no pain (i moved too quickly)
there was the displacement of a certain shock-affect.
(or at least its imagined displacement)

psychowikigraphy: Pi (film) > trepanation > lobotomy > electroconvulsive therapy

the act of boring a hole in the material (or immaterial?) substrate both withdraws matter-flow from the hole in a reverse spiral fashion, as well as pushes other matter-flow to bulge slightly at the periphery. the wave of the drill bit in motion creates another wave. as a result the notebook is already more difficult to write in, its entire structure having been distorted. in other words, the mesh of striated space is already modulated in the act of creating the hole proper.

do we have holey space yet, smith asks?


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