Abstract Diagrams

(or, how to make love while dancing on a mondrian)

Multipurpose Gym

"global village basketball is the line of flight. it ruptures the existing hierarchy by networking together the molecular pickup games that exist around the world into one meta-game. it is a collective, yet distributed, net performance of improvised pickup basketball located on a smooth patchwork of hardwood, asphault, terrazzo, concrete and dirt; the backboard is syncretic plexiglass, aluminum and wood; the rims iron, milk crate and peach basket; the mesh nylon and chain-link. the virtual setting of the meta-game becomes the means of deterritorializing the basketball court space" (sb rmx).


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  1. Karima says:

    A very interesting project! You have linked different basketball games around the work together equally "rupture(ing) the existing hierarchy". However, computer/internet access is required to particiapte in GVB. I am thinking back to that cardigram of IP addresses around the world… Made me think about how we use the term "global"…

  2. sportsbabel says:

    great question karima, i have posted a more considered response here

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