Stealth Playbook

"The 'Flex' has been around since the 1970's and is a patterned offense featuring passing, screening, ball-reversal, options and counters. This offense is most effective against man-to-man defenses. Most scoring opportunities come off the 'flex cut' inside, or a jump-shot from the elbows. Still you can run various options, counters, post plays, etc. Size mis-matches often occur due to the screening and defensive switching. This article describes the basic flex motion and a few options."

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Yasunao Tone: "To fight with smart machines you have to be very primitive."

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Courtesy of Elijah Porter

elijah porter
material formation in design
laser cut steel

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"Take William Burrough's cut-up method: the folding of one text onto another, which constitutes multiple and even adventitious roots (like a cutting), implies a supplementary dimension to that of the texts under consideration. In this supplementary dimension of folding, unity continues its spiritual labor" (Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, p.6).


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