resonance, relationality, friendship


Erin Manning, Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty, p.22):

Friendship that might be worthy of the name, that is, a politics of friendship, would be a movement of desire that cannot be symbolized through a coding in a fraternal nationalism. It would be a friendship of and toward sensation, a friendship toward the multiple movements of an other. Not a friendship toward establishing identities of coupling, identities of nationhood and belonging, but a friendship that is always starting over, with all the complexities of a process that can never quite begin nor end. This is not a straightforward friendship, not an easy friendship, not a friendship of ease. It is a friendship that carries as its impossible memento the lit image of unreachable waterfalls of touristy romance, the impossibility of definitively locating one's-self, either here or there.

the basketball player wonders about friendship, about regulated and improvised sporting cultures, about distancing and presencing, about the resonances that may be transmitted through language and those that may only be embodied, about asymmetry and fragmentation (self, other, relation), about touching/caressing/grasping the becoming-past and about touching/grasping/caressing the possible-not-yet …


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