Their Flesh

she spots him across the dance floor, or maybe he spots her
and the two move slowly, inexorably toward one another
as if magnetically drawn or electrically charged.
a copoiesis emerges
in the
shared kinesphere,
in the
matrixial borderspace.

flesh spills beyond skin as speakers pound,
hearts pound
muscles flex
sweat flows
and the bodies syncopate to the colonized mix,
lateral glides across tribal rhythms.

the bodies speak in tongues rendered
silent an eternity
pouring forever into
each pulse of the throbbing bassline.

and just like that the flow is broken
animus interruptus.

but the memory is imprinted
in the
curl of her toes,
in the
nape of her neck,
in the
quiver of her thighs,
in the
foldings of their flesh.


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