absence, presence, enclosure

When a stadium is replicated from its material state to that of the immaterial digital game environment an interesting change occurs. Those structural elements of the stadium that are necessary to the overall architectural form, both public (bathrooms, concourses) and private (storage rooms, HVAC systems), are eliminated from the ludic experience of the digital space. However, the physics that each of these elements provides to the holism of its engineering are still respected as far as the perspective of the gamer is concerned, though they are represented in scalable vector and polygonal mathematics rather than as physical load-bearing conduits for produced force. The floor does not sink towards a particular corner, nor do cracks appear in the ceiling. Though the degrees of freedom for the user have been substantially constrained, in other words, virtual sports spaces continue to function as if the entire stadium still existed.


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    [...] the sporting event actually exists is the first layer in the carefully constructed apparatus of truth that is contemporary televised [...]