Courtesy of Michelle O\'Byrne
Michelle O'Byrne

This untitled photo by Toronto artist Michelle O'Byrne could be considered in the context of sportsBabel as an excellent representation of smooth and striated space, the complementary political concepts presented by Deleuze and Guattari. Plastic body, fetishized body of the fashion sign system located in circuits of spectacular consumption, cyborg body that finds the smooth gaps in striated space — nay, the body that actively, but delicately, pries apart the gridwork weft that serves to discipline and control, the body that seizes the possibility of becoming, of passing through space on a nomadic journey rather than being passed through space on a determined metric.

So we might ask: How does the athletic body — plastic body, fetishized body, cyborg body — actively create for itself new spaces of becoming?

The answer: Delicately.


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