GVB and Rhizomatics

Deleuze and Guattari on rhizomes: "[E]ach element ceaselessly varies and alters its distance in relation to the others" (p. 30).

We see this principle of the rhizome manifest at various levels of assemblage in the Global Village Basketball game: the players at the molecular level (both offence and defence) are in continual movement and variable relation to one another, and in the absence of a diagram (coach's offensive or defensive sets) the potential for a rhizomatic connection (backdoor pass, weak side steal) to be made increases.

Similarly, each molecule alters its spatiotemporal distance to one another as baskets are scored by each team and plotted on a map in space and time. As scoring continues, certain molecules will temporarily resonate with other molecules in a rhythmic sense before phase shifting to resonate elsewhere/when.


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