[Aside] I'm in deep shit. I forgot sportsBabel's 5th birthday, which happened almost a month ago. I had a good reason, though, honest!

I was told twice this year by good friends that I am ADHD with my academia, which I chose to take as the highest of compliments.

However, it doesn't help for shit when it comes to the "production" of publishable texts.

Nonetheless, this has easily been my most productive year at sportsBabel and, like an athlete disciplining his body for sporting peformance, I can feel myself improving every day. Still a long ways to go, but I plan to be around for a while.

That said, here is a recap of my top ten favourite posts from the year:

  1. Hybrids, Mutants and Replicants
  2. Digital Umbilical
  3. The Photo Finish
  4. The New Temporality of Olympic Triumph
  5. Blood
  6. Golf Production vs. The Libidinal Drive(r)
  7. Lost Touch
  8. The Chess Queen
  9. Urine as Noise
  10. Juice

And how about a sexy cheesecake shot since it's your special day?

A hearty high five to you on your birthday, sportsBabel. Can't wait for the next period of reflection one year eleven months from now!



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