A sample from some of my earlier writing on Foucault and sport:

The apparatus of sexuality certainly has a great deal of overlap with that of the sport star system, but of particular note are the competing ideas of feminine beauty and muscularization. Just after a Foucault reading session, I turned on The Simpsons to see an episode in which Marge becomes a bodybuilder. Of course, feminine bodybuilding is not portrayed well at all, with an aggressive, assertive, "unattractive" Marge going on a steroid rage at the end of the show before agreeing to return to her docile self. The point here is that Marge's particular form of productive power (ie. through weightlifting) is superseded by a (gendered) sport star discourse that says a woman may not be overly muscular-athletic and a beautiful star athlete at the same time.

The WWE attempts to merge the two discourses by creating cartoonish, hyper-muscular and hyper-mammarized "pin-up" stars, meant to be simultaneously muscular-athletic and beautiful.


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