McLuhanesque Probes

Students in my sport marketing class were asked to write a short probing aphorism on professional sport, sport marketing, advertising, or any of the other issues we discussed during the semester that incorporated the ideas and style seen from Marshall McLuhan. Almost none of the students had even heard of McLuhan at the beginning of the term, much less read his work, yet only a few short months later some great probes were written. I have included a selection of the best ones below, with the authors' permission:

"Modern sports stadia are the new Santa Croces, but now Stendhal would need twice the aspirin."

– Rob Costigan

"Since the Roman times, gladiators have always drawn crowds. Today, though, square box substitutes for round Colosseum and the thumb is used for the on/off button rather than pointing up or down."

– Luke Kotyk

"The one who holds the ball is to be represented with power, or else the ball becomes irrelevant."

– Christina Karbanyk

"The legs of technology are no longer walking leisurely down an old country road; instead, they are now speed walking on a treadmill in Silicon Valley."

– Marijke Daye

"Bodies were once the powerhouse — energy utilized and manipulated to serve our society. Now we breed physical strength for visual appeal and hard work is left to innovations we mentally create. This shift from physical/mental society to a purely intellectual society will shape future generations in a whole new form."

– Laura Rennie

"Direct marketing is the casual sex relationship of the 21st century. You are only going to get out of it what you put in."

– Jacqueline Acomb


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