Wiley vs. The Roadrunner

In defending Barry Bonds, the central character in the BALCO Labs drama, ESPN.com's Ralph Wiley points out:

Now we are definitely in an era of performance-enhancing drugs; no need for any of us to be on any high horse about it. Without Toprol or Lotrel, anti- high-blood pressure drugs, or especially Nexium, I'm sure I'd be curled up in a ball somewhere. Do you want to get into all the performance enhancers you take? And is not all of your work still valid? Or, not? Am I supposed to believe nobody actually uses Cialis or Levitra or Viagra, that the companies making them are going broke? Why is it when NFL football players are shot up in their ankles and calves and knees and rib cages and shoulders and necks with pain-killers to numb themselves and then go out and sacrifice their damaged limbs so they can perform for us, we have no outrage over that?

Why is that not "cheating"?

I'll side with the Wiley Coyote on this one, no matter that he'll get roadrunnered by the mainstream public for saying so. As I have pointed out earlier, it seems a tad hypocritical of society (aka 'The Fans') to hold athletes to a different standard of morality than that to which they hold themselves — just because we pay them to do so.


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