NBA All-Star Starters

How well did the marketing work? Here are the starting line-ups for the NBA All-Star Game, broken down by shoe sponsor:

Nike: 4 (VC, Yao, J.O'Neal, Kobe*)

adidas: 3 (T-Mac, Garnett, Duncan)

Reebok: 2 (Iverson, Francis)

And1: 1 (Wallace)

* - recently dropped over pending trial

Interestingly enough, the two biggest question marks in terms of deserving starting status belong to two Nike endorsers, Vince Carter and Yao Ming. They first met in China two years ago while Carter was on an Asian tour for Nike. Yao apparently benefited from votes cast over the Internet by native Chinese — this from the country that has a notorious Red Firewall. Could it be that Vince has benefited from the same voters? If so, great move by Nike to penetrate the Chinese market.


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