Creating The Hyperreal elaborates on the process behind the new Ali vs. Ali commercial by adidas:

"We had to remove the people who were already in the frame," says Fred Raimondi, visual effects supervisor for Digital Domain, and chief tech wizard on last year's dazzling "23 vs. 39" Michael Jordan Gatorade ads. "In the original footage of the opening of the Williams fight, for example, the referee and the opponent's entourage were in the center of the ring."

Layering various angles and images, and digitally producing canvas, ropes, and members of the ringside audience, Raimondi's team painstakingly erased the extras crowding up the screen.

Next came new live-action sequences of Laila climbing through the ropes and shrugging off her robe. The costumes are borrowed from Will Smith's "Ali." The cameras in reporters' hands are vintage.

"That's the most challenging thing," Bullock says. "To get the authentic footage to match the new footage; to make it seem as though the two places are one."


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