Football Fodder

Some notes from watching NFL football this past weekend:

Turf Conditioning

Both playoff games this year at New England's Gillette Stadium have been played in extremely cold weather. Fortunately, Gillette has a recently-built radiant heating/turf warming system that uses 29 miles of cross-linked polyethylene pipes that warm the soil. While not meant specifically to melt snow at the surface, this can happen when the system is on. Though softening the frozen turf in this fashion seems like typical American luxury/excess (the "wastrels" of Baudrillard), when viewed in the context of multi-million dollar assets being repeatedly hurled to the ground during a production process, all of a sudden it seems like a far more pragmatic management response.

Add the Ads

I am amazed at how many people I know that are excited to get an illegal American satellite feed of the SuperBowl next weekend. Why? So they can see the American commercials rather than the simulcasted Canadian ones.


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