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Academics meet to discuss posthumanist theory.

Rapid evolution in human-computer interface design.

New battle in the First War of the Cyborg: sport sponsorship.

But cyborg soldiers aren't ready for prime time.

Visionary William Gibson discusses the "gradual spinning of a sort of extended prosthetic mass nervous-system."

Another example of the rationalization of the electric body.

Who owns the athlete's image-sign?

Baseball becomes even more cyborgian

while basketball tries to become a little less so.

Cyberdyne Systems TdF and T-800 Series

Two Busy


[Aside] I have been extremely busy during my move from Edmonton to Toronto, and have neglected sportsBabel in the process. However, when I finally got the itch to sit down and write my first post in quite some time (Stealing Signs, below), it turns out that once again a burst of creativity falls on the anniversary of sportsBabel's inception.

Of course, I don't realize it until almost two weeks later … yikes!

Once again, I must say how much I have enjoyed the weblogging experience, and how invaluable it has been in developing my Voice. If I thought Year One was fruitful, then Year Two has been the whole orchard.

What will Year Three hold?

I can't wait to find out …


Stealing Signs

Observations on the 74th Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Chicago:

(Like Ralph Wiley says, gimmick me a break, spectacle is what we do around here.)


(Umm — are the powers-that-be trying to convince the fans or the players? Or perhaps themselves?)

Gary Carter, who will be inducted into Cooperstown as a Montreal Expo despite his wish to be inducted as a New York Met, is introduced as the honourary captain of the NL team, and trots out wearing a Montreal Expos uniform.

A moment of silence is held in honour of Larry Doby, the first negroblackAfricanAmerican to play in the American League, and the camera captures the moment for selected players, coaches and fans — all of whom are negroblackAfricanAmerican themselves. How poignant.

(Immediately after the tribute, Fox Sports cuts to a commercial featuring virtual ballplayers hawking MLB 2003 from 989 Sports. Now that's poignant.)

The biggest American flag I have ever seen is being held out in the field by military servicemen, while the American national anthem is sung to "honour our players" — even though 30% (21 of 70) of the players in the All-Star Game are from countries other than the United States. The obligatory shot of U.S. fighter jets arching overhead caps the scene.

(Did they cut to commercial for the singing of the Canadian national anthem? Or did they just not bother to sing it?)

"NOBODY'S suggesting that the players weren't trying in the past — these are proud athletes" (emphasis in original).

And the AL Stars notched a come-from-behind 7-6 win over the NL Stars. Like it matters.