NB, eh?

Detroit, New Jersey, Dallas and San Antonio?

You were snickering, David Stern. You thought that it would be clear sailing ahead with the four dogs the NHL is trotting out this spring in quest of Stanley. But then Webber goes down, Shaq, Kobe and Iverson get ousted, and all of a sudden your most marketable player in the pro hoops final four is a domestic abuse felon. Ouch.

The all-Texas western final effectively cuts that audience in half, while those in the east will simply tune out Detroit. I mean, they try to compare these guys to the Piston teams of old, but come on. The yesteryear champs certainly were the Bad Boys, but with Isiah, Joe D., and the Microwave, they could also flat out score when need be.

Nota bene, Mr. Stern: you might be in even bigger economic trouble than Mr. Bettman. I hope at least that the lottery show proves profitable.

But between basketball and hockey, I bet Jersey people sure think that life is worthwhile right now though …

(ps. Go Stevie Nash, eh?)


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