Neat Niches

Courtesy of BenettonEver sat in front of the boob tube and thought "jeez, 200 channels and absolutely NOTHING on…"?

For years, TV programming has seemingly deteriorated, as first cable and then satellite increased the number of available channels and diluted content. Those days may be nearing an end.

The Internet, thought to be the next culprit flogging the carcass of television, will actually breathe some life into its not-quite-dead body. Now you can focus all of your development money on quality programming, because nobody will watch the chaff. I can continuously find quality content, and it can come from anywhere…

Watch for some really cool sports filling niche market programming, such as Sepaktakraw from Malaysia (see also no.10). You thought volleyball players were great athletes? Try taking away the use of your hands.

That's right. Sepaktakraw is comparable to playing volleyball on a shorter net, but using only head and feet. And they still get the huge spikes. Can you tell me that IMG doesn't have their eyes on this one?


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