Mimicry Squared

Does the San Antonio fan mimic Manu Ginobili or the Phoenix fan?

Nash Bloody Nose - Courtesy of Getty ImagesNash Mimicry - Courtesy of Getty Images
Ginobili Black Eye - Courtesy of Getty ImagesGinobili Mimicry - Courtesy of Getty Images

Homi Bhabha, The Location of Culture:

"In mimicry, the representation of identity and meaning is rearticulated along the axis of metonymy. As Lacan reminds us, mimicry is like camouflage, not a harmonization of repression of difference, but a form of resemblance, that differs from or defends presence by displaying it in part, metonymically. Its threat, I would add, comes from the prodigious and strategic production of conflictual, fantastic, discriminatory 'identity effects' in the play of a power that is elusive because it hides no essence, no 'itself'."