Phantom Limb

flesh∞notebook∞network, superiority of analog, study no.2

Phantom Limb (Notebook Study)

. the soft cardboard cover of the book is easy to groove or etch lines into
. constellations, synthetics

. when the vinyl of the sticky tattoo covers the soft cardboard, the pen-stylus tip gets caught up in the foldings or furrows that precede its path during the grooving process

. saw = slow scalpel

. material is too flimsy to saw through (didn't have any way to keep the book from moving)
. slipped rhythm
. the cut was rough, though it appears relatively clean (articulations)

. or as the Colonel would suggest in her own sawn-off fashion, truthing hurts …

Phantom Limb (Notebook Study)

. what does skin tectonics have to say about the chasm?