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A play in three acts.

April 28, 2011

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In biology, the imago is the last stage of development of an insect, after the last ecdysis of an incomplete metamorphosis, or after emergence from the pupa where the metamorphosis is complete. As this is the only stage during which the insect is sexually mature and, if it is a winged species, has functional wings, the imago is often referred to as the adult stage.

Imago is Latin for "image".

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Act One. "Kino-Butterfly"
   emergent from "The Butterfly Project"
   a public performance work with Tara Ostiguy and Cara Spooner
   @ Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Intermezzo. "Gait Surfing III"

Act Two. "Someone Might Be Listening"
   @ 'Techosapien' - OCADU Wearable Technologies student exhibition

Act Three. "Lorenz Security Ltd."
   @ 'Fashion/Unfashion' - Toronto Alternative Arts + Fashion Week

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Attire for the evening will be faux kino-gait.

Process Transduction

Process Transduction - Department of Biological Flow at Nuit Blanche

Walking is In(di)visible

Department of Biological Flow
at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

October 2, 2010

vacillation program

Process Transduction - Department of Biological Flow at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

process transduced
virus exchange sweet
theory vector
of gait surf potential.

pawn captures pawn en passant.

:) !?

moving body negatively
spaced, save for pain
felt in every step
of the lumbar spectacle.
matrioshkart dolls
flow through the market
inside a market
inside a market.

did you see an artist, too?

^_^ !!

curve a line
through noisy particles
of kinetic light,
fibrous absorption
to kinoderm spectrum.



(department of biological flow::flux004:: PROCESS TRANSDUCTION @ scotiabank nuit blanche toronto, october 2, 2010)

(down the rabbit) holey space

a breath of fresh air, redolent of vuvuzela blossoms

there was a public outdoor screening on a restaurant wall a few nights ago at the end of the street where i live: "bangladesh defeats england in historic cricket victory." it was not projected through the partition but rather reflected upon the building’s facade. closer, yet further away.

oh, i *do* remember our identity tourism in tucson. there were cast-iron sculptures of lisa nakamura's body on every building, just like antony gormley in london. "inverted post-colonialism," i think, was the vogue.

context is not only a spatiotemporal phenomenon, but a (matrixial) psychic phenomenon as well. context suggests an increasing tendency towards harmonized (and dare we say synchronized?) co-resonance. it seems to me that context itself constitutes the stasis of monotony and that the coming-into resonance of and through alterity is what creates the openness.

did you know that amsterdam is the steampunk version of second life? delanda said they created this shit back in the 1400s! and then at some point lewis carroll wrote a virus and messed up the code. the game still plays in my console, but the graphics are a little distorted, you know?

how does third place, the "runner up in the exceptional case," change the relation between numbers one and two ("the best winners")? the ontogenesis of the third is an alter-accomplishment in its own right, no? how do we understand the third in terms of multitude and the very being-in-language of which virno, agamben and nancy speak? how does the third come into resonance of and through alterity? is openness created?

children both shy and fearless; translation, mistranslation, smiling without voices; does it really matter? tonality, don't think in terms of romanization! a new iron curtain; public, private, third spaces; be a switch; but it wouldn't be a very honest emotion if you could turn it off like a switch.

or am i flailing?

crushed blossoms in a vase of water

Black Ice

* * *

time to take it slow
black ice, white snow
what if the truth is we don't really know
if so then life is a mystery
this could be the end of all history

(k-os, "black ice")

* * *

Project description (1000 characters maximum):

Hockey Canada and Pepsi recently announced the winner of a competition to create the "official" cheer for Canadian hockey fans to shout during the 2010 World Juniors in January: "EH! O'CANADA, GO!" But the real prize seems to be the hope that it gains sufficient traction with fans such that it continues after that event is complete and into the Vancouver Olympic Games (which are officially sponsored by Coca-Cola).

"Hockey Fan Training Camp" was intended to be a two-hour community hockey scrimmage open to girls, boys, women and men of all ages. It concluded with those in attendance "practicing" the cheer in an ironic illustration of this corporate intrusion into the fan's right to communicate. However, given that ice time rental in Toronto is prohibitively expensive for such a relational project, we shall buy as much Pepsi as we can for $300, freeze it at a local park to create a small rink, and invite people to play on that instead — to be documented on video and shared on YouTube.

(submitted by sean smith to the tinygrants juried microfunding program for relational and creative interventions in toronto)

A Springtime Love Letter to RECL 4P21


Don't wait to be told what to do, how to share information, how to think!

Thank you for the invitation, but I shall decline. Too much surveillance already, no? ;)

Good work. You're getting it.