Endocolonization. What is appropriate and inappropriate in terms of ingested performance enhancers for the athletes of today and tomorrow? The paradox is born in the stars but finds greater resolution under the watch of the medical gaze. Modern sport is still the illusion of truth, after all.


(speaking of medical gazes, thanks to MD for spotting this . . . get it? :{ )

natality: scrabble (letter to: a young ingrid, (i'm)pulsion)




yin yan
tail tail
tiny lan lit

a y/n ail.

i alt ny
tan anal it
taint, tit
nail tna nitty

aint any latin
lint anti italy






i plus us
minus u (plus u)


moi plus nous
moins il ou L (plus lui)

oui oui

sun sin loins (sí)
opium oil nip
spumoni plum sip
spin spin slip

snip snip lips





i plus iii
minus Y
        minus pms-ism
                minus simstim ip pin


. . sssss . . . .



my soul alit
                                                in tailspin
not simply an


hospitality: scrabble (letter to: a young ingrid, too)

listening well?


tip this tot

posh halo host
(pity tosh hostility)
a sop toast//shot spilt,
spit sip pay pal sap
spy pita split lisp,
say hip hop hit list
stilt pithy sith styl

sit potty pail top
shitty                        (the nth gift)
sat shat splat at
total hospital soap to
it toy shop

plato thot path lay
pi stat ploy spay
post-italy lit


i plait
posit pli polity
toil thy oat soil plot so
soy patty lips
salt, ail, oil . . .
ah, (d)'lish                        (digest this)

hail tap lash his
pho pasty tips postal
hot pot hospitality


lost ails shalt
lop asp tail

shoal slip
ship sail.






companion species astral
projected. warm snores
detected, soft wear insected
tiny-light hairs coat
the tip of the Ear


hear to now
now to here, projection reflected
On-Star U-Turn protected. Drive-In
vision projected Thru to

our network nightmare
incisioned, dissected


eye osmosis

black hole
nights made

three-eights hutong
nightshades, flipped to
white-knight bookshades
and sotto voce crossfades

i have a voice.


consent to consensus
slow turns meant us
courage slow spoken hence
(12 seconds or whence)

or half again the time
on that great-rodeo-bull
named Fear.

fear not the time
but instead the tone spoken.
steel-spokes broken
steeled, the moment stolen
from its hard bodied

hard bodies swollen
steal moments spoken,
steel-toned broker
hard captive
in a time of Fear

not instead.

fluid, free
hard bodies soften
steal moments often
steel-timed breaker,
soft Rupture
and the time is Near



nearly empty
but the common can't merely
fill the Hannibal Lecter
coffee-machine. hot again,

ravenously angry
or hungry or thirsty,

dried canteen.

but the common can't put
my mere lips to the cup
for the bars wiring-closed
our machine

(no chianti or fava bean)

steeled, hot spokes spoken
half-life dipole broken
how many mere bars to
wire-close our machine?


imago garden

no  (no    (no        (no)

earth-bound echo
plainfully so.
Spring runoff savoured,
poetically though…(t).
Scorched burning swollen
to quicken the slow
lavaglass coolant to sweet
honeyed flow turns
scorched amber pendant
worn slenderly so.
Butterscotch trace
of thirst afterglow. Sewn from afar
to each moneyed row (by row  (by row)
moulted, hardened

mon santos

* * *

(part of "mon santos! my farmville is burning!" [2011], by department of biological flow)

La Paracite

Ithaca poster

Department of Biological Flow

"Let's return to the banquet of men, always interrupted. So who are the gods? The ones whose meals are never interrupted. The immortal is the eternal reveller. Look at Simonides at the banquet: he eats and drinks as he pleases, quite in the position of a parasite. He stuffs himself and gets drunk for his freely given verse; he pays his select table companions and their good food in word. But someone disturbed the dinner. At the door of the room, they heard a noise. Simonides runs off, but no one else follows him. No one of the cohort misses a bite. But the cohort is wrong, for its members are about to die."

– Michel Serres, "Athlete's Meals," The Parasite, p.31