"On the side of repose, the (note)book proposes its composition. The latter should not, all the same, be understood solely in the sense either of organization or construction, or, generally speaking, of the systematicity or indeed synaesthesia that the unity of the (note)book is presumed to imply and articulate. Rather, in a more modest manner, one must begin by recognizing the assemblage represented by its material oneness. Its binding and stitching create its volume: if it is a '(note)book' in the transcendental or archetypal sense of the term, that is, if it responds to what is thought within the pure Idea of '(note)book,' that is another matter, which can be accounted for only by a reading."

– Jean-Luc Nancy (sportsbabel rmx)



8 1/2" x 11"
42 pp.
colour + b/w

some archival remnants from D S NFORMAT ON, given new form as notebook-potential.
if you would like a page, send me yr mailing address.


"And if the copy has already been made? For trauma to not be exploited as economic or ideological opportunity, the arkhé itself must exist as a multiplicity, or a swarm-in-becoming. Fragments of memory must proliferate throughout the network such that archontic power itself is distributed — not as a perversion of the immaculate conception in which the gestures of self-pleasure yield to the gestation of thought, but rather as decaying placental bits of intersubjectivity that remind of comfort, warmth and the pains of labour."




Notebook Studies Conducted During Doctoral Dissertation Phase: 1. Artefacts and Inscriptions; 2. Walking with Lygia; 3. Holey Space (Three-Eighths); 4. Sunburn; 5. Phantom Limb; 6. Faded Breeze; 7. Fragility; 8. Spineless.


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