Courtesy of SpY

urban furniture installation


colon: right

(three openings located in punctuality))

emotive cons
ampersand prose
probes into the State
of Emoticon
as one types
or skypes hotwire
relational halfpipes

channels, glinting

re: winding
many muscle pulleys
pulling apple-cheeks to
backside ollie smile,
90-degrees from
ascii style

grim turns grin
to curl the breeze and
open the bright blue skies

sing away
bingo hall blue haze
and bluing gaze
purple haze is in
my brain
to a slow jimi limbo. strung
upside down, bluesy.

violetry and poetics
hand in hand

secret weaving and braiding
and waiting and wading

and fading, it blew away
in the blink of
a 90-second while


i hardt you
as a political concept
a politics of joy concept
an it doesn't mean you Likes this concept

but think about the politics of touch concept

like with punctuation
in three openings we find
less than three openings
and infinite potentials
for ollies and LOLing
so capital-P stick
your tongue out at me
a Rudolph moment of sunlight
and talking,

solar electricity.


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  1. Zak says:

    Yours enough that it would take me time to understand it well enough to write a meaningful response, so for the moment let me say with all sincerity cool-really cool.