companion species astral
projected. warm snores
detected, soft wear insected
tiny-light hairs coat
the tip of the Ear


hear to now
now to here, projection reflected
On-Star U-Turn protected. Drive-In
vision projected Thru to

our network nightmare
incisioned, dissected


eye osmosis

black hole
nights made

three-eights hutong
nightshades, flipped to
white-knight bookshades
and sotto voce crossfades

i have a voice.


consent to consensus
slow turns meant us
courage slow spoken hence
(12 seconds or whence)

or half again the time
on that great-rodeo-bull
named Fear.

fear not the time
but instead the tone spoken.
steel-spokes broken
steeled, the moment stolen
from its hard bodied

hard bodies swollen
steal moments spoken,
steel-toned broker
hard captive
in a time of Fear

not instead.

fluid, free
hard bodies soften
steal moments often
steel-timed breaker,
soft Rupture
and the time is Near



nearly empty
but the common can't merely
fill the Hannibal Lecter
coffee-machine. hot again,

ravenously angry
or hungry or thirsty,

dried canteen.

but the common can't put
my mere lips to the cup
for the bars wiring-closed
our machine

(no chianti or fava bean)

steeled, hot spokes spoken
half-life dipole broken
how many mere bars to
wire-close our machine?


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