tactile burden

brief lumen pulses
of power law precarity
we gesture the
valent wind

origami mapping
its feathers in moulting
we trouble the
valent word

dandelion breeze
growing orbital bees
we contour the
valent wave


a word,
a thought,
biting the skin
of my approach to us,
twice shy.

dentistry, of all things

rose petal bathing
on the freckled memory trace,
the operatic voice
gnawing. hold my hand to
our heart's trebled pulse

thick sweaty breath
weeps my evening happiness,
a heavy Mist diffused,
circles of red dress eyes
to wipe the misty mourning dawn.
bitting and byting our way
back to the network

and then a flight


bzzz . . .

zzz . . .

. . . : . . . : . . .


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