spectatorship, evoking gesture

Courtesy of Antonia Hirsch

antonia hirsch
vox pop
still from 2-channel video installation

Notes Toward a Minor Performance

Julia Kristeva, "Arendt and Aristotle: An Apologia for Narration," in Hannah Arendt: Life is a Narrative:

"We note that the actor himself, the actor alone, however heroic his exploit, does not constitute heroic action. Heroic action is such only if it becomes memorable. Where do we find this memory? It is spectators who complete the story in question, and they do so through thought, thought that follows upon the act. This is a completion that takes place through evoked memory, without which there is nothing to tell. It is not the actors, but the spectators, if they are capable of thought and memory, who turn the polis into an organization that is creative of memory and/or history/histories" (p.16).


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