AutoImmune Sensitivity

Courtesy of adidasCourtesy of adidasCourtesy of adidasCourtesy of adidas
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"Clinical synesthesia is when a hinge-dimension of experience, usually lost to active awareness in the sea change to adulthood, retains the ability to manifest itself perceptually. In synesthesia, other-sense dimensions become visible, as when sounds are seen as colors. This is not vision as it is thought of cognitively. It is more like other-sense operations at the hinge with vision, registered from its point of view. Synesthetic forms are dynamic. They are not mirrored in thought; they are literal perceptions. … Although synesthetic forms are often called 'maps,' they are less cartographic in the traditional sense than 'diagrammatic' in the sense now entering architectural discourse. They are lived diagrams based on already lived experience, revived to orient further experience. Lived and relived: biograms might be a better word for them than 'diagrams.'"

– Brian Massumi, Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation, p.186

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synesthesia: celebrity to flare gun to fireworks to flashbulbs to celebrity: luminescence may also carry the movement of the biogram's feedforward momentum . . .


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