Traffic Shaping

Traffic Shaping

Idea for a Conceptual Art Project, No.22:

1. Some math: m is the artist standing within a large embryonic volume made of translucent latex; L is the hose of an industrial vacuum; vt is the rotation speed of a 360-degree camera placed at the origin of the circle, facing the artist.

2. The latex embryo is filled with air to approximately 75% of capacity.

3. The artist begins walking around in a counter-clockwise circle, tethered by the hose to its origin. A switch is flicked on the vacuum, causing air to be slowly removed from within the embryonic volume.

4. The artist continues to walk around the circle at a speed synchronized with the rotation of the camera.

5. Once the airspace inside the embryo is nearly empty, the artist attempts to locate the breathing apparatus.

6. The performance ends when the artist can no longer walk.


keywords: yoshinori sunahara, horse tether circle, latex vacuum bondage, 360 degree swivel camera, critical art ensemble


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