security, blankets, some assembly required

Metamorphosus Interruptusexposure, transparency, opacity - hopscotch threshold"patchwork, for its part, may display equivalents to themes, symmetries, and resonance that approximate it to embroidery. but the fact remains that its space is not at all constituted in the same way: there is no center; its basic motif ('block') is composed of a single element; the recurrence of this element frees uniquely rhythmic values distinct from the harmonies of embroidery" (d+g, atp, 476). the cut must be complemented by the crossfade. Mimetic PolycarbonInscriptions and Artefacts "in the electric age we wear all mankind as our skins" (mcluhan, understanding media). this is my politics of touch.
i hope you like it.
"whether from the point of view of structure or that of development, the Voice as a psychic element can only be accounted for in relation to an entirely different psychic sphere. when the matrixial cavity of passage becomes a matrixial acoustic-resonance camera obscura, partial-objects and partial-subjects are not separated by a cut but are rather borderlinked by frequencies, waves, resonance, and vibrations. they share and are shared by the same vibrating and resonating environment, where the inside is outside and the outside inside" (ettinger, matrixial borderspace, 186). lines, flight, labouringTreatise on Table TennisB-Side Wins Again the "closer" the skin of spectacle is to the animal body proper, the more virile the transmission. "the borderline between I and non-I as co-poietic poles of the same vibrating string are transformed into a threshold and transgressed. instead of the objet a of the Voice, I therefore suggest speaking of a metramorphic link a — a matrixial voice. even more effectively than the Gaze, the Voice as a matrixial erotic antenna for psychic emission and reception testifies to the metramorphic processes of transformation in unconscious shared cavity. the psychic voice-link opens in us a matrixial time-and-space of encounter where, like in a resonance-cavity, inside and outside vibrate together" (ettinger, matrixial borderspace, 186).Silence is Goldengesturing-gesturing "it is as though a smooth space emanated, sprang from a striated space, but not without a correlation between the two, a recapitulation of one in the other, a furtherance of one through the other. yet the complex difference persists. patchwork, in conformity with migration, whose degree of affinity with nomadism it shares, is not only named after trajectories, but 'represents' trajectories, becomes inseparable from speed or movement in an open space" (d+g, atp, 526).Double-Eightscapital needs to insinuate itself into every conversation so that the singular body may be more fully laid bare for corporate invasion. "the matrixial resonance camera obscura where metramorphic event-encounters take place locates the inside as a shareable space-and-time and the outside as in-corporated-without-fusion" (ettinger, matrixial borderspace, 186).


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    [...] time and site through transference relations and via art, when they are affected, like women, by joining-in-difference with others. As an artistic filter, the matrixial apparatus serves whoever can yield and tolerate this fragile, [...]

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    [...] fixed — with its relations mingling within. given the conference in time, on the other hand, we must continue to produce skin with every word spoken. perhaps it is fortunate we are physically numb to the process, muted as it were by the anaesthesia [...]