lines, flights, labouring


In the contemporary society of control, "naked life" should be most often understood as a statistical concept of the body. While this may indeed (and must) have significant consequences for the naked animal body proper, it should first and foremost be considered a databased abstraction of the dividual social body (the predictive model of simulation described by Baudrillard) thereafter given spectacular flesh as the body+body+body of libidinal desire.

In this sense, we may consider the sponsorship of a sports team jersey as a particularly effective and salient communication strategy in that it allows for the corporate brand or meme to propagate in a fashion far more molecular than what is possible with any focused traditional advertising campaign (the molar). Couple this with the poverty of gesture (or physical literacy) that emerged in the labouring classes during the latter half of the twentieth century, and the sports sponsorship of naked life comes to resemble a straitjacket of signification.

The "closer" the skin of spectacle is to the animal body proper, the more virile the transmission.


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  1. sportsBabel » justice, justus says:

    [...] each inscribed fan of the first best loser also seeks a discursive exoneration upon re-entering the public sphere from the heterotopias of spectacular battle. though minor characters in this performance, they, too, played their parts well. they, too, face judgment in the court of biological flow. [...]