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Colonel Fornssler Surfs Amsterdam

(thoughts on opacity thresholds as heterochronias and borderlinking phenomena)

"The matrixial impossibility of not-sharing with the other is profoundly fragilizing; it demands its price, but also gives rise to its own beauty. Apart from the time-space of art, male subjects are more radically split from this archaic site of virtuality and potentiality, since their link with it stays on the archaic outside, which is a too-early that is forever too-late for accessing in the Real the separate body of the individual as a whole subject. Men, however, enter in contact with the matrixial time and site through transference relations and via art, when they are affected, like women, by joining-in-difference with others. As an artistic filter, the matrixial apparatus serves whoever can yield and tolerate this fragile, fragmented, and dispersed mode of co-becoming. The various nonconscious pathways that are opened to and from the originary matrixial difference linked to femaleness are thus not limited to women only. This difference does, however, carry a special resonance for women because the matrixial nonconscious pathways accumulate, filter, and echo their bodily vibrations and experiences."

– Bracha Ettinger, "Weaving a Woman Artist with-in the Matrixial Encounter Event,"
The Matrixial Borderspace, p.182


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