capital demands the
alarm cut switch hit
time clock punch back into
status update network signal.

capital desires the
sleep less reflex,
or Rx,
for psychoanalysis is uncertain
if dreaming tears an aperture
through the skin of total spectacle.

stay awake with us just a little longer,
there's always a basketball doubleheader
you can nap in front of on sunday afternoon.
the sabbath is a television set of rest, is it not?

(the lakers are
beating the celtics
by 2 in the Q4,
but i could swear i
was just watching philly
play the knicks.)

how quickly from deep sleep
to surface intension?
has baby got the bends?
we don't have any News from our Friends.

keep swimming,
keep breaking water.
stay in the dawning, and
wonder at the dawning, and
warm oneself to the dawning of
that birth as it becomes,
eternal return minus the one
being held at the store
on layaway.


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