B-Side Wins Again

babel, amsterdam

here we go y'all, time to play ball
athletic gestural poet.

food for the brain, beats for the feet
, or
that's what Chuck D told me
when he D'd it up so sweet
, and

Balso and Beck speak bball, too, with the
jab step pitter patter pen to paper platter
, and

BB bootyshakes the late-night bebop backbeat
at the Happy sweaty hepcat hardwood affair
, and

Bebe peeps the love for a future nostalgia
no-look bounce pass hard drive to nowhere
, and

Baby Jesus leaps from the free throw line
presidential prophecy in his Air Force Ones.


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  1. sportsBabel » a stitch in time says:

    [...] both eye and skin, the athletic gestural poet is not dependent on lighting conditions, neither sun nor clouds. she seeks not exposure but [...]