Stadium Surfing

Feb. 2010: "The integumentary system of our artificial living consists of a series of interconnected layers, from the subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis; to hair, nails, horn and pelt; to clothing and architecture; to that vast and mostly invisible network of communication protocols we call the internet. Indeed, as McLuhan suggests, 'in the electric age we wear all mankind as our skin.' But these layers do not sit neatly upon one another, sedimented in neat parallel striae; there is rather a slippage between layers, a series of foldings and touch points emerging from the integumentary movements and flows. Call it skin tectonics: the shifts and rumbles between various layers that may at times rupture or crack the 'surface'."

* * *

Stadium Surfing

Idea for a Conceptual Art Project, No.22:

1. Take a sports stadium teeming with partisan fans.
2. Combine the pixelated card stunt with the spectator wave to create an 8-bit surfing avatar.
3. Ride that motherfucker 'round and 'round the stadium.
4. Synchronize wide-angle tracking shot.
5. Bail avatar headfirst into the wash.

* * *

Feb. 2010: "The gestural body is a moving body, and is thus always already a political one as well. The logic of skin tectonics suggests that such a moving body will never be fully captured by the tightness of its spectacular skin, for there will always be a slippage between integumentary layers. And it is this slippage that constitutes the contemporary zone of opportunity, of resistance, and of indifference."

(thank you to karima dorney for initiating the dialogue.)


2 responses to Stadium Surfing

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  1. Art Doctor says:

    The Integumentary system is not artificial. Maybe robotic mannequins in stadiums?

  2. sportsbabel says:

    Isn't our very birth artificial these days? Given your perspective, though, maybe not at the level of the organic dermis, but it certainly becomes artificial as we live through our technological skins, no? I am intrigued by the robotic mannequins!