Caveat Ludor

Venice Biennale Basketball

Giorgio Agamben, Profanations:

"More essential than the function of propaganda, which views language as an instrument directed toward an end, is the capture and neutralization of the pure means par excellence, that is, language that has emancipated itself from its communicative ends and thus makes itself available for a new use" (p.88).

"We must always wrest from the apparatuses — from all apparatuses — the possibility of use that they have captured. The profanation of the unprofanable is the political task of the coming generation" (p.92).


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  1. sportsBabel » (down the rabbit) holey space says:

    [...] how do we understand the third in terms of multitude and the very being-in-language of which virno, agamben and nancy speak? how does the third come into resonance of and through alterity? is openness [...]