Or, go make your own fucking t-shirt.

March 2010: No matter how sterile the space becomes, the stadium spectator will never be exiled from the surgical theatre in favour of the televiewers back home. So long as the optics of televised spectacle remain perspectival in nature, the vectors of telesthesia will never fully reproduce the volumetric of the stadium spectator. Even if they do somehow, if the optics become volumetric and the avatar can more closely approximate the gestural body of the spectator at home, it remains that the analog resonance of flesh will not have been duplicated. And so the spectator at the stadium becomes the uneasy compromise that sporting Empire must concede in order to give synthetic perception and its audience a grounding and legitimation in the resonance of flesh witnessing.

Withness - Courtesy of the enebea

March 2010: How will the trialectic relationship develop that sees sporting Empire and athletic labour battle for control of the spectator-witness?

June 2007: Can I get a wit(h)ness?


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