Skin Tectonics, Surgery and a Question of Autonomy

the performance of relation. the relation of performance.

Courtesy of Thomas Florscheutz

thomas florscheutz
from the multiple entry series

[11:48:06 AM]

sportsbabel: when i write a blog post on sportsbabel, i've said it is "my body"……

sportsbabel: then it gets fed into facebook, and the formatting changes when it becomes a note
sportsbabel: but i can then tag people in the note
sportsbabel: more expressly make explicit the relation


sportsbabel: now i've found more recently that when i re-read my own work — particularly the work just published — i am going back to facebook rather than the original blog
sportsbabel: now, it's partly to see my own relationality fed back to me
sportsbabel: but is it not also a fascination with my own plastic surgery?
to see the machine change your form
sportsbabel: yes.
is totally fascinating

Medusa: LOL

sportsbabel: so i get plastic surgery and grow network fibres out of my body, by touching with my eye and finger.

Courtesy of Eric Rondepierre

eric rondepierre
piano (from the suite series)

sportsbabel: i think the warm welcome flips into domination
sportsbabel: at the "halfway" point
growing network fibers is not necessarily a bad…
i guess this is actually pointing back to the trauma of breaking relation in the web
it's when the relation cannot move anymore via weight of the network
then this becomes burden
and thus the flip
into domination of trying to maintain same
rather than accepting the trauma of movement in a networked form
sportsbabel: or with facebook, just tapping into the fibre like a phone line to eavesdrop
sportsbabel: but it's called database management.
sportsbabel: we don't eavesdrop specifically on you (the freedom), we just abstract models from databases for statistical profiling (the non-freedom)…

[11:58:27 AM]

(we are not describing an emergent nation insofar as it presupposes, or wants, a Philosophy and a Politics, but in the sense that it demands we explore the myriad ways in which it facilitates our very being-in-common under the rubric of a branded identity … that is why your thoughts are needed, my friend, that and no other reason)


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