still life (a portrait)

Barbed Paradise

"the camp intended as a dislocating localization is the hidden matrix of the politics in which we still live, and we must learn to recognize it in all of its metamorphoses." (g. agamben)

* * *

the leisure industry. enclosed spaces. striated spaces. iron gates. barbed-wire fences. tiled walkways. stone paths. flowered hedges. palm tree columns. spectacular spaces. controlled spaces. wear your bracelet at all times. english, french, german and spanish as the official languages of tourism. mexican, italian and mediterranean as the official flavours. edible muzak, vanilla music. authenticity. colonialism, then and now. why does it feel acceptable to speak ni hao and xie xie but condescending to speak hola and gracias? desiring the other. spf 45, 10, 30, 60. spectrum of melanin. skin versus flesh. pattern recognition of facial scans, gaits and volumes. excess fat, excess hair, excess food, excess alcohol. a powder keg of explosive violence. with the lights out, it's less dangerous. here we are now, entertain us. i feel stupid and contagious. here we are now, entertain us. a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido. yeah. instructions for washing hands: 1. soap; 2. wash; 3. dry; 4. disinfect. don't drink the water. wear shoes. hygienic paper covers half left on the straws. fist bumps offered by the staff. gastroenterology. jewish penicillin. too hot, too cold, too humid, too dry. sun worship. photo ops. covert ops. sport as statistical anomaly to the sedentary. in grid. subject, object, abject, traject. dialup internet. (stay in fantasy, maintain disconnect!) heterotopia. heteronormativity. repressed desire. bringing sexy back. techno-femme states that all communication is sexual. a mocking return of the tactile. an imagined lolita. spy versus spy.

* * *

"the social image of the consumption of time is for its part exclusively dominated by leisure time and vacations — moments portrayed, like all spectacular commodities, at a distance, and as desirable by definition. this particular commodity is explicitly presented as a moment of authentic life whose cyclical return we are supposed to look forward to. yet even in such special moments, ostensibly moments of life, the only thing being generated, the only thing to be seen and reproduced, is the spectacle — albeit at a higher-than-usual level of intensity. and what has been passed off as authentic life turns out to be merely a life more authentically spectacular." (g. debord)

Sunny Spectacle


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