Black Ice

* * *

time to take it slow
black ice, white snow
what if the truth is we don't really know
if so then life is a mystery
this could be the end of all history

(k-os, "black ice")

* * *

Project description (1000 characters maximum):

Hockey Canada and Pepsi recently announced the winner of a competition to create the "official" cheer for Canadian hockey fans to shout during the 2010 World Juniors in January: "EH! O'CANADA, GO!" But the real prize seems to be the hope that it gains sufficient traction with fans such that it continues after that event is complete and into the Vancouver Olympic Games (which are officially sponsored by Coca-Cola).

"Hockey Fan Training Camp" was intended to be a two-hour community hockey scrimmage open to girls, boys, women and men of all ages. It concluded with those in attendance "practicing" the cheer in an ironic illustration of this corporate intrusion into the fan's right to communicate. However, given that ice time rental in Toronto is prohibitively expensive for such a relational project, we shall buy as much Pepsi as we can for $300, freeze it at a local park to create a small rink, and invite people to play on that instead — to be documented on video and shared on YouTube.

(submitted by sean smith to the tinygrants juried microfunding program for relational and creative interventions in toronto)


2 responses to Black Ice

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  1. laura says:

    i was wondering why you were researching how to freeze pepsi.

  2. sportsbabel says:


    i'm not sure if it'll be able to get cold enough here in ontario with all the sugar that's in the liquid!!