Trajectory of a Shooting Star

Forays to the basket with the ball are treated discursively, both by coaches and the media, as lines. But this doesn't accurately capture the movement that takes place on a basketball court when one is actually in one's body with the ball in hand. What occurs is a path to the basket, a journey between the point at which one begins to dribble the ball and the ultimate end point or goal. This path or trajectory does not comprise a straight line, but rather snakes through bodies, contouring other players to negotiate spaces that are open, closed or in the process of becoming-other. This navigation of the path is partly visual, and in this it is a visual in the service of the haptic. One creates a path of haptic awareness and nomadism, registering intensities considered on a nano-scale of sociability.

Basketball Offence

The star player who frequently gets to the basket in the face of opposition does so only partly due to pure speed. It is the ability (or potentiality) to haptically maneuver through moving bodies while at said speed that is more important, for there are many possibilities for the path beyond simply the line.


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