Perfect Day, No. 2

Vilém Flusser: "The theory of communication implies the theory of decision and the theory of games. And the theory of games implies art in a new sense."

Resample: "And what now? What of other use-values for the body athletic? Would he coach? Could he create shadows of his legacy from the fading twilight of his career? Or could he reinvent his running (and his body)? He was, after all, only thirty!"

* * *

Perfect Day

Shot Put Final

1. VANNINI, A.	(CAN+ITA)	23.65 (SB)
2. YUTKO, J.	(FIN) 		23.63
3. OKKERT, S.	(SAF)	    	23.47

* * *

Vannini Goes Out A Champion

VANCOUVER (AP) — Her legs were aching. Her back was tightening. Her shoulders were exhausted.

But not too exhausted to lift the Pignataro Cup one last time.

In her final competition, veteran shotputter Autumn Vannini tasted victory in front of a home crowd at Warn Stadium with a season-best heave of 23.65 metres, narrowly defeating teen sensation Jan Yutko of Finland.

It was a bittersweet win for Vannini, who retires after a 12-year career on the international stage. But there will be no regrets for the athlete who during her peak season of 2005 won a jaw-dropping 17 straight competitions.

"The sport has been great to me," said Vannini, clearly emotionally spent as well. "When I was a girl I imagined competing against the best in the world, imagined representing my nations, imagined standing on this podium and seeing my flags raised. And I've been able to accomplish all of that. It's been tough these last few years with the injuries, but I'd be just as happy doing all of this, competing, even if nobody was keeping score and nobody was watching."

On this day, however, they were watching. And cheering. And, on her final attempt, chanting her name before the final throw that vaulted her to victory. The echoes are sure to reverberate at Warn Stadium for years to come.


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