touch, politics, dance

Erin Manning, Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty, p.38:

Might we conceive of friendship as an improvised tango? What would a friendship be like that delineated clearly between the speaker and the listener? What would a friendship be that wanted to possess movement, stopping it in its tracks? Is a telepoesis not a calling forth of poetry at a distance, a withdrawing that produces an event, a coming-together in the reaching-toward, a politics of touch sensed as a friendship which is not-yet? We must remember that telepoesis always calls forth the silences between words, between gestures, between steps, between friends. There is no friendship in the myth of full presence, as there is no touch without withdrawal, no tango without pauses. Politics, all politics must be patient with the absences, the intervals, the holes in the story. Reciprocity here is not the reciprocity of the same but a coming-together of difference, not a fusion but a con-fusion. For there is nothing more con-fusing than desire, nothing more uncertain than the "perhaps" that is to come.

the basketball player wonders about the tango, about bodies and rhythm, about the hardwood surface that may serve as dance floor or basketball court, about give and take, about identity and difference, about tears and joy, about language and silence and synonyms and antonyms, about l(i/o)ving in and through a politics of touch …


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