War & Peace (sportsbabel remix)

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Is war as old as gravity?

If I love peace do I have to love trees?

Are there animals that like peace and animals that like war?

War Animals - Courtesy of N.F.L.

Is peace quiet?

Is making war an instinct we inherited from our hunting or farming ancestors?

Were farmers the first warriors?

Do we love without thinking?

Do we do the right thing without thinking?

When children fight with their brothers and sisters are they learning how to make war?

How do we test the limit of our bodies without war?

Usain Bolt - 100m Beijing

Why do they compare war to a man and peace to a woman?

Peace is unpredictable.

Why is war so exciting?

War is the best game and the worst life.

Is peace the hardest work?

Is peace a time of tension?

What are the different kinds of victory, in a war, in a race?

Is despair a solution?

Why is it dangerous to say "never forget"?

(with respect to ryuichi sakamoto)


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  1. Barb.raw says:

    Sweeeeeet…no, actually that was delicious. Thank you.

  2. Ted says:

    Nothing "academic" to write about this…I began by thinking about how I would respond, and then after…some seconds…I lost linear thought and focused on the mascot/logos first…pondering Darvin and Kropotkin and whether animals even consider peace in the first place. Cooperation, for sure, but peace…a luxury or a curse of our ability to overthink? Are thoughts of peace a consolation prize for not being allowed (or able in my case) to experience it for vast amounts of time? At some point my eyes moved down to the 100 race…a different kind of victory.

    This was a trip. Thanks.

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    [...] On the surface, Yoko Ono's Play It By Trust seems to be a smart and intuitive critique of the simple binary of war-conflict. By painting all of the pieces and squares white and positioning them in the traditional chess game opening formation, she immediately sets up a tension in which we are actually waging war against ourselves. Once an imagined play begins and the pieces commingle (dare we say miscegenate?), they slowly start to lose their identity of standing opposite the other and the game tentatively suggests a metaphor for peace. [...]

  4. sportsBabel » Desert Split says:

    [...] the swarm-in-being appears to be twofold: to create and modulate a hypermediated representation of warfare for the gamer at home, but also to develop tools for the soldier in the field that similarly allow [...]