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Designer Scott Burnham reminds us that idea innovation flourishes in sport: "I was at a primiere [sic] of a film that had an amazing, fast-paced dance sequence, which was captured beautifully on screen. I asked the director how he pulled the scene off. 'It was easy,' he said. 'The cameraman used to film games for the National Football League in America - there's no one better at following moving sequences and judging where the people in motion are going to end up than those guys.'"

Put differently, if we understand spectacle and surveillance as a moebius strip of control then sport is one of the proving grounds for new forms of administration and the subjectivities they produce.

Resample: "We must recognize and emphasize the art inherent in our sport: for example, the first time we execute a skill; the high speed ballet that is WR and DB dancing down the sideline; the rat-tat-tat of the tic-tac-toe pass; the sound of mesh snapping as the ball arcs through the rim. This cyborg aesthetic is our only organic armour against the domination by the cybernetic."


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