Wetware Rhizome

Hardware Rhizome by purple

Hardware Rhizome (detail)
created by purple

"The storage of information may be as valuable as its transmission, and the archive is a vector through time just as telesthesia is a vector through space. The whole potential of space and time becomes the object of the vectoral class." — McKenzie Wark, The Hacker Manifesto, #318

I have long admired this particular quote from Wark, but have been thinking a little bit more about it recently, and just about the same time this Wark-inspired artwork from purple comes to me through the wires. Namely, I am wondering about the idea that the whole potential of space and time become the object, or goal as it were, of the vectoral class.

It seems to me that capitalism (which yields to vectoralism in Wark's framework) has always been a system of the human body — that is, it has always been a system of relations that arranges, manages and optimizes the production, distribution and consumption of resources by influencing or constraining the human at the level of the body. That this statement is anthropocentric or speciesist is precisely the point: it wasn't the birds, bees or flowers that created the relations of capitalist exploitation.

As we move into the era of vectoralism or information capitalism, things remain largely the same, though the stakes have gotten much higher. Today, it is the total exo- and endocolonization (cf. Virilio) of the human body that is truly the object of the vectoral class. Relations of space, time, orga or mecha are but the vehicles through which these are achieved.


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  1. sportsBabel » Pixel to Pellicule to Projection says:

    [...] in the exercise of disciplinary power. But the spectator also becomes among the observed when the vectors of archive and telesthesia are introduced to the production of spectacle: the "guards in the tower" are also seen by the television cameras, surveillance cameras, [...]