The Moebius Strip of Control

It used to be of greater consequence whether an individual was located in front of the camera (participant) or in front of the screen (spectator), but that holds less true today. When considering contemporary aesthetics and politics, camera and screen no longer provide distinct or mutually exclusive subject positions, bound up as they are in the moebius strip of surveillance and spectacle, or the moebius strip of control. As Arendt and Virilio would suggest, the substance of technological progress also contains the catastrophe of the accident — and the erosion of democratic principles may be witnessed as the accident of camera+screen.

Courtesy of ESPN

ESPN, the "Worldwide Leader in Sports," uses "never before seen" surveillance camera footage for an Outside the Lines segment alleging the involvement of Adam "Pacman" Jones' entourage in an Atlanta nightclub shooting June 18, 2007. Jones was not charged by police. In this snapshot of Jones' biography on Wikipedia, 24 out of 54 references were from


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