urban gait surfing

a body-subject.
a subway station, shopping mall, stadium concourse.
crowd surfing through public space, vertically rather than horizontally as at a rock concert.

a memetic splice of parkour that constitutes a "performative critique" (cf. borden) of the moving bodies along an urban conduit.

Gait Surfing

the foldings of kinesis within a particular taxis.

finding smooth space within gait surveillance and the fluxes of the striated.
finding a shifting temporality of the several within a flow of multiplicity (cf. ettinger).

deleuze and guattari weren't totally correct: it is not necessarily about entering into an existing energetic system in and of itself, as much as it is riding the turbulent, frothy edge between signal and becoming-noise. in the case of gait surfing, there is an entering into the energetic system of the flow of pedestrian traffic, but this traffic is itself produced by the muscular energies of the individual body. we are still exerting a force within the striations of the urban environment: that is, the biomechanical leveraging of the musculoskeletal system towards a particular linear vector of production. but when examined intensively, this linear flow-in-theory has different internal paces, rhythms, deviations from normal gaits, errors, noise, speeds, purposes and objectives, cultural histories — and indeed, an entire erotics in its relationality to the unfoldings of the several.

it is these anomalies that constitute the minor perturbations in a flow that may thereafter become chaotic attractors and create turbulence (cf. delanda). we find in the aggregate from these perturbations in bodily locomotive style the corporeal jetwash or break point between signal and becoming-noise of the urban gait surfer.

mixtape of instrumental music. shared playlist, personal music player. match the music to the motion. an aesthetic headphone science. a psychogeographical hybrid of surfing logic and audio walking tour.

haptic as intersection between vision, touch and proprioception.
haptic as intersection of vibrations between audio and body.

as an urban pedagogy of the body we "consciously" become aware of our virtuality and virtuosity as practice and praxis: reflexively before and after, and affectively while surfing the wave.


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